This Is Why We Do It

We started Unite For The Animals with one mission: to make a better world for animals.

We do this by creating t-shirts for animal lovers to spread the message of love and compassion and by donating all the profits to our rescued farm animals at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.

Our inspiration comes from our rescued farm animals and all the other beautiful creatures that we share the Earth with.

We design t-shirts for these guys…


Where the Money Goes

100% of the profits from Unite For The Animals go to help us give our rescued farm animals at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary the life they deserve. Each time a t-shirt is sold, £8 goes into the UFTA fund for ordering more stock and the rest goes to the sanctuary, helping to pay for food, shelter, emergency rescues and medical care for all of our animals. One t-shirt is enough to pay for hay for one sheep or goat for an entire month!hay

Helping You Become The Best Animal Advocate You Can Be

Need the tools to be a better animal advocate? We can hook you up!

Every week we provide you with useful resources to help you make the biggest difference possible.

We believe in creating a better world for animals. Do you?